I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Jennifer, I’m the author of the Preparedness Planner and The Seed To Pantry Planner, and the lead instructor here at Seed To Pantry School.

Seed To Pantry School is an online school that I founded to teach you how to grow, cook and preserve your own food.

Growing, Cooking and Preserving…Yes, you can do all 3 and save time and money!

  • When you make your own food from scratch you know what goes into it. You can use simple whole foods to make delicious healthy meals for your family.
  • When you preserve the bounty from your garden or take advantage of “in season” food from the grocery store or farmers market you can save tons of money and still eat healthy meals.
  • “Putting food up” while it’s in season eliminates all the extra costs and resources it takes to get food to market.
  • Having a food storage is a great way to be prepared for hard times–whether it’s a job loss in the family, a natural disaster or whatever comes your way.

Our Story…

We used to have mountains of debt and two of my three boys suffered from asthma and allergies. I’ve also struggled for years with my weight. Eating real food when you’re watching every penny is not easy, and trying to put healthy food into food storage is almost impossible.

The problem was I had no one to teach me how to build a healthy food storage. My mother does not can, and growing up I had no idea what a dehydrator was. When I began to understand how much good nutrition affected my boy’s conditions and my own struggles I was relieved to have answers but frustrated because I really couldn’t afford whole organic foods.  So I waited for sales and then realized I needed a way to store good nutritional whole food for a year or more. Long enough for those great “in season” prices to come back around.

So I checked out books from the library, watched videos and talked to people who knew how to preserve food. I got a lot of conflicting information so I dug deeper into the science all the while practicing and perfecting safe methods of food preservation in my own kitchen.

My husband and I have always been a “DIYers” partly to save money and partly because we’ve had to improvise. My husband started “brewing” his own drinks in Desert Storm because there were no…ahem…drinks in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, I know that’s kind of funny, but even as a kid in the military far from the comforts of home he knew that if you know how to make something you don’t have to go without no matter what situation arises.

When You Know Better You Do Better…

Over the years my husband has done all of our home improvement (there is nothing he can’t fix or install), while I’ve made clothes for our boys. Together we plant a garden every year and preserve whatever we harvest.

We’ve struggled to learn how to get out of debt and eat healthier.

We’ve learned that being self reliant is the only path to true freedom and it begins in the kitchen.

Bringing These Lost Skills And Traditions To You…

I started a small blog because traditional skills are often healthier than modern practices. Not always, so I throw in some modern twists. People like you started to respond.

I wanted to show people that canning was not a mysterious process that took years of practice to master. It’s really pretty simple to learn, as long as you follow a safe process.

I wanted to share that a snack of dehydrated fruit is such a great alternative to gummy bears.

Bill, my husband, wanted to show everyone that making your own healthy soda is possible and fun.

Over the years the blog has grown and people have asked me for exact instructions so I decided to make:

  • Videos that explain preserving techniques in detail
  • Mini-eBooks and quick reference guides
  • A school so you could have all of these things in one place, plus a private Facebook group for members to enjoy a community of people with similar goals.

I’d love to help you get started with a FREE Cooking From Scratch Toolkit.

Take Care