Instant Pot Unboxing

Are thinking about getting an Instant Pot? Today I’m unboxing two Instant Pot models. There are the two standard models the LUX and the DUO but did you know there are other variations? Today I’m going to unbox two of those variations. The DUO Mini and the Smart. Instant Pot

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How To Make Ginger Infused Sugar

When you think of infusing sugar you usually don’t think of using ginger, but you should, because infused ginger sugar adds the perfect touch to teas, cookies, lemonade… and that’s just for starters. You can make ginger sugar three different ways: by adding ground ginger to sugar, by adding candied

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How To Make Water Kefir

Looking for for a fizzy drink that is…. Caffeine free, preservative free, all natural, good for you… And… Is one of the best tasting beverages ever? Impossible you say? Nope, it’s actually a drink that has existed for centuries. One of the reasons you might not have heard of it

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How To Make Natural Soda

(Note: At around 19 minutes we’re talking about making soda with less sugar and I mentioned Splenda. I MEANT STEVIA. We do not recommend using any artificial ingredents or sweeteners. STEVIA is the only low calorie sweetener we recommend!) Why make your own soda? Compare the ingredients between canned grape

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