Wonder Junior Deluxe Review

I have been grinding my own wheat and making my own nut butters for some time now. It’s all part of living a self-reliant and healthy lifestyle. So when WonderMill asked me to review the Wonder Junior Deluxe, a manual mill, I jumped at the chance! As I was doing some research on this mill, …

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LifeStraw Family Review

I really like the LifeStraw so when I was asked to review the LifeStraw Family I jumped at the chance. (Click to read my in depth post about the bacteria filtering abilities of this filter) Like the LifeStraw, the LifeStraw Family was designed to help in third world countries where clean water is not …

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The Case Against Coupons

I don’t consider myself a person who stirs up trouble but, well, this may be an exception. So here’s a little controversy for you: coupons do not save you money! I know you’re shaking your head, but hang on, let me explain. I am speaking here about using coupons at …

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BOSCH Mixer Review

Even though I’ve been making my own bread for some time now, I’ve never used a BOSCH mixer to knead my bread dough. I’ve seen demos and heard rave reviews, but they are pricey and I just never thought the loaf (or loaves) of bread would be worth the hefty price …

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LifeStraw Review

The LifeStraw was invented about eight years ago for use in underdeveloped countries to help residents obtain clean drinking water. The Lifestraw is a compact water filter only weighing 20z and measuring 9 inches long with a 1-inch diameter. It was voted Time Magazine’s best invention of 2005 and won the Saatchi and …

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Volcano Grill Review

My husband is the greatest husband in the world. He has all the normal good husband qualities. He’s thoughtful, a great father gives great advice, he’s a good provider, and incredibly handsome, but he’s got one superpower that really sets him apart from regular great husbands. He’s a great gift giver! It sounds …

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