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Dura Rocket Stove Review

EarthEasy recently offered us a review model of the Dura Rocket Stove by EcoZoom; I’m a sucker for new stoves, so I wanted to give it a try. The Dura is a typical rocket stove design, and according to EcoZoom (who has delivered their stoves to 34+ emerging market countries) […]

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A Review Of The Solo Stove

Traditionally, when backpacking I carry a gas-fueled stove (such as my Jetboil Zip), but there are circumstances when that’s just not practical. If you’re flying, you’re not going to be able to carry the gas canisters onboard (and you can’t mail them ahead to your destination either…),  and if you

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LifeStraw Steel Review

Have you ever been camping or hiking and had to drink from a questionable water source? If you’re lucky, it just tasted bad, but if you weren’t then you may have wound up with some stomach distress from the little microscopic critters that were swimming around. If you carried the

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Helius Rocket Stove Review

We’ve reviewed several different types of off-grid cooking devices previously–you can cook using just solar energy with the All American Sun Oven, or you could cook inside with just candles on the HERC Oven. However, since we do a lot of dutch oven cooking, our preferred method is still outdoors

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Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove Review

In my two previous posts, we reviewed the Kelly Kettle (read my Kelly Kettle review) and then the cook set and pot support (read my cook set and pot support review). Today we’ve got one more accessory to look at– the Hobo Stove. Hobo stoves date back to the 1920s and the Great Depression.

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