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Kelly Kettle Review

The Kelly Kettle is a family invention dating back to the 1890’s on the west coast of Ireland. It burns any naturally flammable material – twigs, grass, leaves, pine cones, etc.– and is able to boil water extremely fast, even in poor weather, which makes it a great off-grid cooking […]

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Berkey Water Filter Review

Do you know what’s in your tap water?  Most city water contains high levels of chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which have been added to reduce harmful bacteria. It’s great that they’re getting rid of the nasties in the water, but you don’t necessarily want to be drinking the

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WaterBrick Review

We’ve talked before about water storage, and it seems that for most people I talk to, their idea of storage is the standard 55-gallon drum. These are great if you have the room for them, but what if you live in an apartment? Or you want to move the water

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JarBox Review

If you love Mason jars, like I do, then a little part of you dies each time one is broken. Let me tell you about a little miracle box that will save your jars and their precious contents–the JarBox. These gems are the perfect solution to so many Mason jar

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HERC Oven Review

When you think about off-grid cooking (i.e. cooking without electricity or your house’s gas line), most people think about either a stove hooked up to a gas bottle (like propane), or cooking over an open flame. Maybe you’ve even got a Sun Oven and don’t need a fuel source. With the

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