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Natural Insect Repellent

I live in the epicenter of past West Nile Virus outbreaks, and with Dengue fever on the rise I really like to have my kids to have some mosquito protection when they go outdoors.  While we occasionally use DEET products when my boys go traipsing into the deep woods, I prefer something natural for

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FREE Essential Oil Labels

When I first started using essential oil I would fight with the orifice reducer (yes, there really is a name for that little plastic white thingy stuck in your essential oil bottle) because I could never get just one drop to come out. Then if my blend recipe called for

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Essential Oil—Snake Oil Or Not?

I’m a big skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine. After all, the lack of effectiveness of alternative treatments is why modern medicine developed in the first place.  Well, that’s possibly an oversimplification of the history of modern medicine, and I’m not here to be an advocate for the modern

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