Should You Pasteurize Milk?

If you traveled through even fairly large cities around the year 1900, you would often come across something now illegal in most urban areas: milk cows. Dairy animals were not uncommon in cities, and it was often the task of young children to lead the animals to whatever grassy areas

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How To Dehydrate Okra

Okra seems to be a very prolific vegetable. Between it and zucchini, you can spend your entire summer trying to figure out what to do with the daily harvests.  I know I do. I love slicing it and frying it in cornmeal as well as pickling it in a salty

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Preserving The Season

Today we’re talking about how to preserve the season and how to know what’s in season when so you can take advantage of buying things in bulk and at the best price. So before we talk about eating and preserving food locally let’s talk about why it’s important to know

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