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The Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition

I would love for you to get a head start on your Gardening Journey. We'd like to offer you our garden planner that will help you keep track from everything from planning your garden to seeds to your harvest. After all, it doesn't make sense to put so much effort into your garden and not keep records of what's working and what's not....

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Hi DIYer,

Don’t you just feel better when you make something yourself? You know the quality is so much better and it gives you such a sense of accomplishment.

The thing is, that your health and your family’s health really might depend on you growing at least some of your own food. Organic food is crazy expensive, but you really can throw a few seeds in some dirt for just a few pennies. Of course, there is a little more to it than that, but that’s part of the journey.

I’ve always said growing your own food is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and the hardest. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get it just right, but seeds want to grow! They are little bundles of life trying to live and all they need is a little help from you to make sure they are watered, have some sun, and are protected from pests. There is a HUGE sense of accomplishment when you eat the first tomato of the season!  

The hardest part of gardening is getting to know your environment, after all there are so many different parts of an ecosystem.

My name is Jennifer Osuch. I’m the author of the Preparedness Planner Series and I’m also one of the lead teachers at Self Reliant School–where my husband and I teach preserving, cooking and gardening skills.

I’ve been gardening for over 20 years, but I’ve had my share of failures. I remember one year all I harvested was butternut squash even though I planted a huge crop, and the only reason the squash was doing well, is that it was coming up from the previous year. It was frustrating!

But then I started jotting things down in a notebook. Things like average last frost dates, and I made a list of the things that grow well in my area. Then I also kept track of what treatments that I gave my plants and the soil. Needless to say my notebook was a mess. I struggled to find things from year to year, but when I was able to look back on what had been done or how the weather was the previous year. It made a huge difference.

So I decided to design a planner that would make it easy to jot down the little things I wanted to take note of. The Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition is the most comprehensive gardening planner on the market. I know because I’ve tried them all!

This is a downloadable PDF (you print it out); once your data is entered it becomes a non-electronic (no computer programs required) seed storage and gardening record keeper.

This planner also lets you keep track of planning your garden, soil amendments, seed inventory, growing and watering records, fertilizers, pest control, harvest and tools, projects, chores and budget. There is also a large resource section included as well as various journaling pages.

Did you know you can grow some foods indoors all year long?

Herbs and lettuce produce well in a well sunny window!

All gardening levels are welcome…..

The Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition is for those that need a place to record simple data about their environment quickly, whether you’re a beginning gardener or been growing out in the dirt for years. I’ve created this planner for you to record absolutely anything you might need to know about your garden, soil, and climate.

Grow your own organic food...

Inside you will find…

  • Collect information for the plants that grow well in your area, then plan out exactly what to grow, and what kind of care each plant needs.  Then lay it all out on one of the many grids provided. There's even a grid for container gardening.

 Pages included in this section:

  • Important Information About Your Area
  • Vegetables To Grow
  • Perennials To Grow
  • Fruit Trees To Grow
  • Herbs and Companion Plants To Grow
  • Garden Layout Small Grid Portrait
  • Garden Layout Small Grid Landscape
  • Garden Layout Large Grid Portrait
  • Garden Layout Large Grid Landscape
  • Common Bed Sizes Layout
  • Rectangle Planters Layout
  • Round Planters Layout
    • Find out exactly what healthy soil is and how to amend your soil to make it healthy. This section contains a simple soil test and forms to keep track of amendments you make to your soil and compost.

     Pages included in this section:

  • Simple Jar Testing For Soil Type
  • Soil Test Components
  • Soil Amendment Log
  • Soil Health Log
  • Compost Ingredients
  • Potting Soil Recipes
    • The Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition allows you to keep a ton of different records when it comes to your seeds. There's even a balance sheet for seed saving. Keep track of what goes out and what comes in.

     Pages included in this section:

  • Seeds To Buy
  • General Seed Inventory
  • Seed Saving Inventory
  • Seed Saving Balance Sheet
  • Plant Profile Cut Outs
  • Seed Starting Log
  • Seed Starting Calendar
  • Planting Guide By Frost Dates
    • In this section you will find one of the most important planner sheets: the plant profile record sheet. Keep track of your favorite plants from how much water they need to the pests that bother them.

     Pages included in this section:

  • Plant Profile
  • Irrigation
    • Tired of using synthetic fertilizer but don't know where to start with natural fertilizer? Don't worry, this section of the planner helps you figure out what works for you in your area.

     Pages included in this section:

  • Fertilizer Recipes
  • Your Favorite Potting Soil Recipes
  • Fertilizer Application Records
    • Naturally keep away insects and kill weeds and then keep track of what works best for you with this section of the planner.

    Pages included in this section:

  • Natural Pesticide & Herbicide Recipes
  • Your Favorite Natural Pesticide & Herbicide Recipes
  • Pest Management
    • Keep records on how much you harvest from certain varieties of your favorite fruits or vegetables. Also, keep track of your tools with this section of the Preparedness Planner Garden Edition. There's even a place for you to write out a wish list of tools you might like to have.

    Pages included in this section:

  • Harvest and Yield Records
  • Tool Cleaning Records
  • Common Garden Tools
    • There are a ton of great resources in this section. You can print them out and place them in your notebook for easy reference or keep them on your computer to view whenever you need to look something up.

    Pages included in this section:

  • How To Build A Low Tunnel
  • Frost Ranges
  • Common Plants To Grow For Food
  • Crop Rotation
  • Crop Rotation Records
  • Gardening Resources
  • Fruit Tree Records
    • Who doesn't have a long list of projects they'd like to get done? No one, right? With the Preparedness Planner Garden Edition you can keep track of all of those projects and the budget for them. You can even keep track of the entire of budget of your garden.

    Pages included in this section:

    • Garden Project List
    • Project Planning Worksheet
    • Monthly Chore Checklist
    • Garden Sitter
    • Gardening Expenses
    • Keep records of your gardening years so you'll be able to remember from season to season what worked and what didn't. It's also fun to look back on your notes with children or grandchildren.

    Pages included in this section:

    • Garden Journal
    • The Year In Review
    • Weekly Garden Journal
    • Gardening Calendar
    • Notes

    A FREE Gift For You….

    I wanted to include a few extra special things too, because I want you to have all the information that you need to start growing your own food, so I thought you might enjoy the most popular Self Reliant School Gardening Posts in so you can print them out and stick them in your gardening planner.

    Bonus One

    S2PS Most Popular Posts

    As a bonus to you we've included many of our most popular blog posts on gardening. We've even included some articles that have never been published.

    Pages included in this section:

    • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Growing Your Own Food But Were Afraid To Ask
    • Composting Saves Money
    • The “Dirt” On Seeds
    • Saving Money Starting Seeds
    • How To Start Seeds Indoors For Next To Nothing — Without Flimsy Plastic Containers
    • Here’s How I Check For Seed Viability
    • Building A Seed Growing Rack On The Cheap!
    • Fertilizers
    • Pesticides and Herbicide
    • 15 Ways To Grow Your Own Food
    • 5 Ways To Extend Your Growing Season

    Bonus Two

    Companion Planting Guide

    Our second bonus for you is a poster-sized complete companion planting guide. This can be printed out in sections and taped together to hang in your garden shed or you can keep it as a file on the computer and use it when planning out your garden.

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

    We’re so sure you’re going to love our Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition that we’re offering a 30-Day money back guarantee.

    If for any reason you decide that growing your own food is not for you then we’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked!

    I can’t wait for you to get into the garden and start growing your own organic garden harvest. You’ll save a ton of money and be able to provide your family with healthy delicious organic food for years to come. 

    Here is what to do now…

    Quickly and easily start to feed your family with your own homegrown food starts with these 3 easy steps:

    1. Download your Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition. Click the Buy Now button below.
    2. Read Planning out your garden (page 9).
    3. Grab your seeds start gardening so you can serve fresh organic food to your family. 

    Click Here To Order The Preparedness Planner Gardening Edition Now Just $14.97

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