Gift Ideas For The Prepper Father on Father’s Day!

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Gift Ideas For The Prepper Father on Father's

Father’s Day is less than a week away and if you’re like me you may have waited to the last minute to buy a gift. Honestly, I usually wait until the week before Father’s Day to purchase gifts because it’s hard to keep a secret in my family. As I thought about writing this post I was wracking my brain as to how to organize this list. Should I organize by price range? Should I organize it by survival importance? Should I organize by good reviews? All of these things crossed by mind and are useful but as I considered what items I would include the list seemed to be endless. So I am simply going to publish my husband’s wishlist for Father’s day. He’s pretty average (compared to me anyway) and he has a sixth sense about picking out cool stuff. It’s really weird – he could have been a buyer for a major store chain, and often picks out hot items for his collectible business. So here are some very cool boy toys your dad might like! (There are a variety of interest and prices represented)

  1. Lock Picking Ki– You just never know when this might come in handy. Whether it’s your lock you’ll be picking or some other lock in more desperate times.
  2. Volcano Stove – I’ve done a review on this stove. You can read about it here. This is an awesome piece of outdoor cooking equipment.
  3. External Frame Backpack – If your dad is any kind of outdoorsmen, you can not go wrong with a good backpack. This can be used for for camping, survival practice, a bug out bag. This one is really nice because it can be carried comfortably for long distances.
  4. Sleeping Bag – Again, you can’t go wrong with a good sleeping bag. Obviously you can use it for a sleeping bag. But you can use it as a blanket or a pillow. Sleeping bags are multifunctional.
  5. Ham Radio – I used to think this was an expensive hobby and that you really needed to invest a lot of time and energy into getting a licence and a radio until I read this article. My whole family is working on getting our technician class licence this summer.
  6. Fire Starter Kit – Again this is a super handy tool to have whether you use it for camping or just to tuck away in a bug out bag.
  7. Jet Boil Stove – My husband actually already has this but I thought I’d include it because he loves it so much. Again, great for camping, backpacking, or the bug out bag. It’s fun for the backyard too.
  8. Roll Up Solar Panel – These are really cool for charging cell phones or other communication devices off-grid. You just never know when it will come in handy.
  9. Survival Wisdom & Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Thrive in the Wilderness – There are a series of these books. We happen to already own this one but there are 4 in the series. There is one on gardening, crafting, natural healing, country wisdom know-how, and then they have an almanac.
  10. Berkey Sports Bottle – These things are worth their weight in gold. You can see my product review here.
  11. Bivy Sack – A bivy sack is a light weight shelter/tent that can be carried with you in a backpack or bug out bag. Because you just never know. It’s great for summer camping as well.
  12. Zip Gun – It’s a cool gun. Nuff said!
  13. Spot Connect Satellite Device – This little gizmo can hook up to your cell phone (via bluetooth) and send or receive email from the top of a mountain or any other out of the way place, without a cell signal.
  14. 3D Printer – A little pricey but oh so cool! This thing can print tools.
  15. Power Pot – This is a little pot that you can cook food in and charge your cell phone with. It works with any fuel that will boil water.
  16. The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living – This is a great book about a couple who did what most of us would like to do. They ditched their city lives and headed for off-grid rural living.
  17. Nexus Tablet – I have one of these and now my husband wants to get rid of his iPad and replace it with one of these. I love mine….:)
  18. Arduino Kit – This is a little electric circuit board that has open source programming. The possibilities are endless. My husband suggested we build a solar panel and use this technology to run water and ventilation in the greenhouse. This would also be a great way to introduce programming and circuit boards to your kids.

Hopefully if you have not bought a Father’s Day gift these things might give you some ideas.

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Gift Ideas For The Prepper Father on Father's