How To Make Frankincense And Myrrh Perfume

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Do you like fragrance? Seems like an odd question, right? The thing is, I heard someone the other day say “I don’t like fragrance”. Not liking fragrance goes against our instincts and biology; we are attracted to some smells and repelled by others.

I think she meant artificial fragrance, but the perfume industry in their quest to go bigger and stronger is experiencing backlash from people who do not like “fragrance”. Not to mention all those that suffer from allergies and asthma are greatly irritated by “fragrance”.

What about those of us who like dab a little bit of “smell good” (as my mom would call it) on our wrists or behind our ears? Thankfully there is a natural solution. In many cases, it doesn’t trigger allergies or asthma and best of all, you control the intensity.

The solution is to use essential oils to make your own perfume. For Christmas, I like to use the traditional ancient oils of frankincense and myrrh to make my own “fragrance”. They have a nice woody smell that seems just right for the coolness of winter.

This perfume also makes a special gift because of the religious meaning of the oils. Remember the 3 wise men brought them both to the baby Jesus. In biblical times the oils were expensive and rare, so I love to give this as a Christmas gift. It’s even suitable for men (you can call it cologne) because the oils are woodsy and neutral. Often times I find people have heard the names of these oils all of their lives, but have never experienced their aroma. It’s so fun to watch them encounter it for the first time.

Making frankincense and myrrh perfume only takes a few minutes which make it a fast and easy handmade gift.

Frankincense & Myrrh Perfume

Place all of your essential oils in the roller bottle. Then fill the roller bottle to the top with Jojoba oil. Place the roller ball back in and the cap on. Shake well. Enjoy or give as a special gift.

If you are sensitive to “fragrance” you might not have the same reaction to essential oils because they are natural products. In any case, if you do or have in the past suffered from asthma or allergies start off slow, a little goes a long way.

Also, you can cut this recipe in half if are sensitive to new scents. It’s always better to start off with less and add more as you go.

You can experiment with the recipe and use other essential oils and make your own perfume, just be sure the oils you choose are suitable for topical use and never use essential oils on your skin without a carrier oil (an oil you place the essential oil in to dilute it). In addition be sure to research your oil blend before you apply it to children or babies.

Watch a video tutorial here.