Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Better Than Flowers Or Candy!

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Is your wife or mother a down-home, get her hands dirty, completely non-frilly, back to basics practical girl? Yeah, mine is too. Thank God, right? (But that’s a subject for another post.) If she is this kind of woman then you’re in luck because I’ve done your Mother’s Day shopping for you. Well, almost. Let’s say I narrowed it down for you quite a bit. I’ve included various price ranges so there is definitely something for everyone here. These gifts will help anyone become more self reliant and in most cases save you a ton of money down the road. So let’s not waste anymore time– you’ve got some shopping to do.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, $10 & under

Mothers-Day-Gift-CorerCuisipro Apple Corer
This is a great little gadget because sometimes all you want to do to an apple is take the core out and stuff them with cinnamon, nuts, caramel or other goodness. Taking the core out first also allows you (or Mom) to have more options if you do decide to slice.
Mothers-Day-Gift-Herbal475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes
Does mom love essential oils but is not sure exactly how to use them? This book helps you out with that by giving you 475 recipes. It’s a great starting point if you are new to aromatherapy, and it won’t break the bank.
Mother-Day-Gift-Sprouting-LidThe Sprout House Mason Jar Sprouting Lid
Sprouted seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet and this lid makes sprouting so easy. It will fit on any wide mouth jar. Perfect to get Mom started with sprouting.
Mother-Day-Gift-CupStainless Steel Collapsible Pocket Cup
Has mom ever needed to divide a single serve box of cheerios between two kids that just want to fight, but didn’t have anything to put the other half in? Here’s the perfect solution. It has other applications too, like taking medication on the go, but they sold me at peacemaker.
Mothers-Day-Gift-WhistleStay Safe Keychain and Whistle
Seriously, buy this for all the girls in your life: mother (your mother), wife (mother of your children), daughter (future mother) or friend (someone else’s mother). It could turn out to be a girl’s best friend. And you just can’t beat the price.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, $10 – $20

Mother-Day-Gift-KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife
Trust me your mother needs this just for the scissors. I have one word for you–tags! Have you ever been out and bought a new hat, shirt, pair of gloves or stuffed animal and you’d like to remove the tags but don’t want to pull too hard because you don’t want to rip your newly purchased item, but your child insists on having it NOW? This tiny little tool will be worth it’s weight in gold the next time this happens to mom. Oh yeah, it does like a million other things too.
Mother-Day-Gift-PeelerVictorio Apple and Potato Peeler
Want to make applesauce or dehydrated apples slices? You can do it without this gadget it’s true, but I promise if you buy this for mom she’ll make them more often. Yeah, it makes making these things that much easier. Want more apple goodies? Here is your ticket!
Mother-Day-Gift-HomesteadCreating the Low-Budget Homestead
If you’re a family on a budget here is an idea book. Even if all Mom has is a backyard she can still get a lot of great ideas in this book. Then if you ever do decide to move to a homestead you’ll be ready.
Mothers-Day-Gift-PlannerPreparedness Planner
This is a great printable ebook for taking stock of what you own and managing it on a daily basis. The Mom in your life will love your help getting organized!
Mothers-Day-Gift-OilOil of the Month
One of the cheapest ways to buy the Mom in your life essential oils is to be part of Spark Naturals oil of the month club. Also, this keeps your oil stock up because instead of waiting until the last minute you’ll be getting a bottle of different oil every month.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, $30 – $40

Mothers-Day-Gift-French-PressFrench Press Coffee and Tea maker
If you have a Mom in love with coffee like my wife is then this will bring a smile to her face. My wife jumped up and down when I gave her one – I can’t promise the jumping part but I’m pretty sure about the smile. P.S. It also works with herbal coffee.
Mothers-Day-Gift-GrinderStainless Steel Hand Coffee Grinder
My wife again jumped up and down when I gave her this coffee grinder (sometimes I wonder if she love me as much as her coffee). Again, a must for a coffee lovin’ mom. Also, this is a great off-grid option for grinding coffee.
Mothers-Day-Gift-WarmerStoneware Tortilla Warmer
This warmer will last forever unlike those other plastic warmers. Besides, putting Mom’s homemade tortillas in one of those plastic containers seems somehow disrespectful. Really, if she made you something from scratch you should put it something worthy of homemade tortillas.
Mothers-Day-Gift-Stanley-MugStanley 16oz Classic Green Mug
Because mom can never drink her coffee before it gets cold (usually because she’s chasing after little ones, cleaning up after them or teaching them not pull each other’s hair), the least you can do is to buy her a mug to keep her coffee warm. This puppy will keep it warm for 6 hours. Yeah, it might seem like a long time, but trust me, there will be days when it will be 6 hours before mom can enjoy her coffee. So please give her the enjoyment of a warm cup of coffee because on those days that will be all the enjoyment there is.
Mothers-Day-Gift-SlicerPaderno Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Have you seen this thing? It is so cool. Click the link to go watch a video of what it can do on Amazon. Go ahead. I’ll wait.
Cool. Right? Think of the possibilities! I bet if you promise to do the dishes one night mom would let you try it out.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, $50 – $100

Mothers-Day-Gift-JuicerVictorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Juicer
If mom is into whole foods and health, and let’s face it what mother isn’t these days, this is a great way to make organic juice. Steamed juice is easier on the stomach than some of the raw varieties you can make with a blender or conventional juicer. This also makes a great off-grid option and the juicer itself can be used as a stock pot, colander and roaster. Talk about a multi-tasker!
Mothers-Day-Gift-CannerVictorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner
A mom can never have too many canners–at least my wife can’t, so I’m assuming yours can’t either. Even if she doesn’t know how to can, I bet she’s always wanted to and this is the perfect gift to give her the confidence to give it a try.
Mothers-Day-Gift-Dutch-OvenLodge 7-Quart Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven
Nothing says spring has arrived like cooking a meal outside. This year Mom can cook in style with this little beauty. Here is one or two recipes to get you started.
Mothers-Day-Gift-DiffuserWhite Zaq Dew Diffuser
If you’re going to take full advantage of those essential oils you need one of these. It makes the house smell good too, and trust me mom will love you for giving her a gift that does double duty. Don’t forget to use coupon code AWCOW to get 10% off!
Mothers-Day-Gift-Fermenting5-Liter Fermenting Crock Pot
Yes, you can ferment in a Mason jar but this crock is the real deal. It’s what people used to ferment foods in ancient times. And this little gem is sure to become a heirloom and you know how mushy mom gets over those things. She’ll love you forever!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, $100 & up

Mothers-Day-Gift-Dutch-WormWorm Factory 360 Worm Composter
This is not for just any mom. It’s for the gardening, farming, self reliant, crunchy mama who loves all of God’s creatures and knows the value of these guys. Make sure the mom in your life loves worms before you purchase this! However, prepare for her to jump up and down upon receiving it, because ‘you know her so well’. So you’ll have to do a little research on this one. Hint: if she works in the garden a lot, loves compost and currently picks up worms off the sidewalk so they won’t die in the summer then you should be good.
Mothers-Day-Gift-Dutch-PressureAll-American 25-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner
Want really good canned food in the winter and not just Campbell or Ragu? Pick this one! It takes a little know-how but as long as the mom in your life reads this blog she’ll do fine.
Mothers-Day-Gift-Dutch-DehydratorExcalibur 9-Tray Economy Dehydrator
Want the best snacks in the world? Want a full dinner that can be ready in less than five minutes and taste good? Want to give the mom in your life an easy and nutritious way to preserve food then this is the gift for her!
Mothers-Day-Gift-Dutch-Hand-MillWonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain/Flour Mill
Want the best tasting bread in the world? You can’t go wrong with either of these grain mills. This one is a great off-grid option that will grind just about anything.
Mothers-Day-Gift-NutrimillNutriMill Classic Grain Mill
This grain mill will get the job done fast. Sometimes nothing beats power!
Mothers-Day-Gift-SunOvenAll-American SunOven
This has got to be the most fun way to cook outdoors ever invented. The mom in your life will love this I promise. Bonus: Mom will probably teach the kids all about how the sun moves throughout the day.
Mothers-Day-Gift-HercHerc XXL Candle Oven
If the mom in your life likes candle light dinners this is the gift for her. The Herc takes dinner by candlelight to a whole new level! It’s a great off-grid option for cooking and is so completely romantic in a saving energy, preparedness kind of way.