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Pressure Cooking Quick Start Guide

You Bought An Instant Pot! Now What?

Or maybe you’re considering buying one. Not sure which model to buy? Have you tried different forums or Facebook groups online and come away even more confused? Not quite sure about pressure cooking lingo? Want to create wonderful real food meals for your family–fast? But are unsure you’re doing it right? If these are the questions rolling around in your head then this quick start guide is for you!

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This guide is a gift from me to you! I’m Jennifer Osuch, the lead teacher of and the author of the Preparedness Planner Series. Your email is safe with me.

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Self Reliant School…..

Want to cook real food fast? Are you interested in learning a method of cooking that locks moisture into meat and helps food retain the maximum amount of nutrition?

I’ve been pressure cooking for over 10 years, and my husband and I teach growing your own food, cooking from scratch and preserving online. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to teach hundreds of people to pressure cook safely and how to cook under pressure free from frustration. I’m so happy you’re here, and I’m happy to help you in any way I can when it comes to pressure cooking food for you and your family. There’s nothing like providing tasteful nutritious food for your family with this fast and economical method of cooking.

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