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​Let's Grow Together

Teach your children how to grow food so they will NEVER go hungry, and build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy living.


Cook Delicious From Scratch Meals With Organic Whole Foods

​No one should have to eat food full of chemicals and preservatives. You can eat healthy food for less than you think!


​Create A Pantry Full Of Purpose and Nutrition

Stop ​wasting ​time ​reading ​labels of commercially grown food​. Think of all the time you’ll save!

It’s like Netflix 

for people who care about nutritious food, 

only better because

instead of just watching Fried Green Tomatoes you’ll actually CAN some tomatoes.

But the whole process can be confusing, lonely, and overwhelming....

Especially if you are:

  • Beginner and want to know the steps to get started
  • Too busy to research and just needs the latest, most accurate and simplest methods available
  • Feeling driven to do IT ALL
  • In a rut, because you’ve been growing, cooking and preserving the SAME foods FOREVER

I’ve been there….

One thing that ALWAYS helped me was to talk to someone with experience in the skill I wanted to learn. But it’s hard because we’re afraid to ask, and people are busy.

For years we’ve had a built-in support system in our society where sister asks sister, daughter asks mom, and sons asks dad. And when none of us knows what to do? We ask our grandparents.

And we learned together. But that system doesn’t exist for most people anymore.

Until NOW.

You’ve The Self Reliant School Team AND a community of over 2,000 strong.

We are a community who grow, cook and preserve our own food, we value encouragement, practical advice and sharing ideas.

I created this community so that you can skip the learning curve I’ve had to struggle through.

Hi, I’m Jennifer,

I’m a wife, homeschooling mom, and grow, cook and preserve my food.

For years I struggled to buy healthy food for my family on a tight budget. I felt like I had a dual personality. On one hand, I was determined that my boys would not grow-up eating “frankenfood” and struggling to maintain a healthy weight; after all, two of my sons already had chronic health issues. Then, on the other hand, I counted every penny I spent, so how could I possibly shop at Whole Foods or any other natural food market? Have you seen what they are asking for a loaf of bread?

Then I discovered some traditional food preservation methods, from scratch cooking techniques, and started growing some of my own organic food that allowed me to easily feed my boys healthy food on a shoestring budget. At first I thought it would take a ton of time and work, but it really doesn’t. Come to find out that sometimes you can fix “from scratch food” faster than running to the store. Now I teach these techniques to help people kick preservatives to the curb and live a healthier lifestyle.

One of my sons is completely cured of his chronic asthma. His doctor once told me he could stop breathing in the middle of the night. Yes, it was that serious and we’ve come that far! Also, my other son is greatly improved. All of my children are at a healthy weight. I still struggle with my weight, but my food choices are greatly improved. The thing is, I know I have not passed down the “frankenfood diet” to them.

Although these methods and techniques are simple, they are becoming a lost tradition. It’s true–nothing stays the same, time marches on, and sometimes unused (or unneeded) skills are forgotten and abandoned, but these skills have been all but wiped out in only two generations. My grandmother and my mother did not preserve food, but my great-grandmother did. She even had a canning kitchen in her basement. I can only imagine her sense of security and accomplishment after she canned the harvest from her garden. She was a self reliant woman!

The problem is that these skills are still useful and extremely needed today and for the future. I’ve been a teacher almost all of my life. Being the eldest of three children I was often my brother’s and sister’s teacher and caretaker. I taught in the public school system, today I homeschool my boys, and I teach others these valuable forgotten skills.

Knowing just a few of these simple skills could sustain you in harsh economic times. People who are unable to take care of themselves in troubled times are more likely to suffer from depression, malnutrition, and the frustration of not being able to get out of their situation.

Simply put, the more self reliant you are the better choices you can make for you and your family. You end up saving a lot of money and living a healthier life as well.

If you practice just a few of these traditions and skills you’ll live a more self reliant lifestyle and be prepared for anything!

The Solution…..Why I created Self Reliant School

Sure, you can find some of the information that I teach on YouTube or in books, but how do you know it’s correct? The author is not available for you to ask questions, and a YouTuber may or may not get back to you. You can take a class if you can find one. They’re not all that plentiful. Trust me, I’ve looked! And if you’re lucky enough to find one you’ll have to juggle your schedule to be in the class at the appointed time, and take really good notes because the class will not be recorded–there are no rewinds in a class setting! Then you’ll usually have to pay A LOT of money for the class.

Self Reliant School is a solution to these problems!

The reality is you simply won’t find classes like this anywhere for any price. However if you were lucky enough to find a class chances are that it would be around $150 a month. Then if you kept taking classes in the same price range for one year you’re at $1,800. Mind you that’s just one class. We offer more than one class so really your savings are multiplied.

If you think being part of the Self Reliant School community is for you then click below.

I’ll see you in the first class!

What You Get!

As a Self Reliant School Member you'll get instant, on-demand access to our entire library of 100s of step-by-step tutorials. Use these ecourses to take control of your food and improve your health naturally, save a ton of money, and store a year's worth of food.

Dehydrating ecourse
Food preservation for storage, nutrition, and saving money.

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Canning ecourse
Home canning for storage, tradition, and preserving the harvest.

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Hombrewing ecourse

Craft your own brews for storage, taste, and saving money.

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Hydroponics ecourse
Grow your own organic food for health, taste, and saving money.

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Bread Making ecourse
Homemade bread, sourdough, and baking.

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Pressure Cooking ecourse
Healthy, safe, wholesome fast food that taste good.

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Handmade Gifts Section
Handmade gifts for any occasion.

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Grow Your Own Food Section
Start growing your own food no matter where you live.

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How much is it costing you to engage in a system that is broken?

​What Self Reliant School Members Are Saying

I have enjoyed and learned a lot from you, Jennifer, the printables made available, and the fun presentations you have done, explaining the techniques and tools of self-reliance.

That self-reliance is not just tools and techniques, but a learned/mastered life style that has tools and techniques to support it.

I never thought I could can/preserve or dehydrate as many foods as I've learned how to do with such techniques.

Paul M.

I began Self Reliant School a while back for the resources of the canning, dehydrating, and the other resources. I wanted to start a homestead along with self-sufficient. I had forgotten how to process the food I was growing, and along with not having all the foods that had been processed.

I had never used a dehydrator before and it was fun to use. I learn how to make snacks with fruit and veggies.

I find it interesting to watch Jennifer explain how to do stuff along with having the resources to go back to for later needs.

Delphia B.

Every experience I've had with SRS has been a pleasant one. Whether it was a billing question or show notes, I always get the information I need in a timely and friendly way.

I have learned that not all food dehydrates well. Some things are better frozen. I also understand now how many different ways there are to preserve and store foods.

By watching some of the ponics videos I have gained a better perspective on my gardening attempts. Now I look at my garden plans and ask myself different questions about what to plant and how would give me the best results.

Deborah B.

​Who Should Join Self Reliant School?

If you’ve just moved to your dream home with a little bit of land and want to start a garden, cook fresh daily, and put up a bit for the winter but don’t know where to start, we’ve done the trial and error for you. We’re passionate about growing, cooking and preserving and we want to show you how to prosper and get results on your homestead! 


No matter how many preps you’ve got stored, they’re only gonna get you so far. You’re not TRULY prepared unless you can live a sustainable lifestyle. The time to practice the things you might one day need to know is NOW. Learn all the skills you need to be Self Reliant inside Self Reliant School. 

​​Those Living Or Healing Naturally

If you’re studying natural living, you’re probably being pulled in all sorts of directions. After all, living naturally in today's world can be confusing, and everyone’s got an opinion. We filter out the noise and teach back to basic traditions that have sustained our grandparents through the centuries. That’s the thing about traditional methods of living, they don’t become traditions unless they work! Got picky eaters or trying to maneuver food allergies? We do our best to give as many alternatives as possible.


If you like to make things yourself because you enjoy the process (and frankly you can make things better than items you buy at the store), then you know the value of craftsmanship and benefiting from talking to others who have already made what you want to make. As a Self Reliant School member you’ll be in the best place to ask questions from those who have mastered their craft. 

If for any reason your are not 100% happy with your Self Reliant School Membership simply email us within 30 days and receive a complete refund.
No questions asked!
We stand by our products and content 100%!

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