Food Storage


Should You Pasteurize Milk?

If you traveled through even fairly large cities around the year 1900, you would often come across something now illegal in most urban areas: milk cows. Dairy animals were not uncommon in cities, and it was often the task of young children to lead the animals to whatever grassy areas […]

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How To Store Your Winter Squash

These tips for storing winter squash will help ensure you have fresh vegetables from your garden long into the winter months. Summer is easy. Our gardens are overflowing with leafy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and fresh ears of corn. As the temperatures drop, our gardens can still offer us a second

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Food Storage Basics

Why Store Food? To those that get it, this is almost a silly question, and up until about 75 years ago would also be considered a silly question to the average person. The fact is that humans have stored food for thousands of years because their lives would often depend

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