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When I first started using essential oil I would fight with the orifice reducer (yes, there really is a name for that little plastic white thingy stuck in your essential oil bottle) because I could never get just one drop to come out. Then if my blend recipe called for 5 drops it never failed that 6 or 7 would come out. Then I got wise and and discovered bottles with glass droppers.

You can get glass droppers that will fit directly onto the bottles your essential oils come in at Spark Naturals to solve this problem now. However, that wasn’t always the case.  Although Spark Naturals now sells blending bottles, I purchased the bottles you see in the photo above on Amazon.  I didn’t want to buy just droppers from Amazon because I couldn’t be sure they would  fit my original essential oil bottles. So I wound up pouring the oils into new bottles that didn’t have any labels. The frustration returned.

So, like any good DIYer I fixed the problem. I made labels for all my oils, blends and potential blends. The thing is that even though I can now buy just the droppers to fit the original bottles, that doesn’t mean that is always the best choice for the way I use the oils. What if I want to keep the same oil in two locations? Or what if I want to travel with the oil? You shouldn’t travel with the glass dropper inside the bottle. I would have to keep up with the little lid and keep washing out the glass dropper. To me sometimes it’s easier to have two bottles–one with a dropper and one without.

Another great reason for having bottles with glass droppers is to mix your own blends. Blends deteriorate faster than pure oil so I don’t recommend storing blends long term, even the ones you buy. If you’re making homemade blends it’s easy to forget which blend is in which bottle if you don’t have labels. I looked everywhere for labels to put on my blending bottles but  couldn’t find any so I made some of those too.

Then of course what if I want to try distilling my own oil at some point? I need labels and bottles.

I thought I’d save you a little frustration by sharing my essential oil labels. Enjoy!

Download the FREE labels from Seed To Pantry School.  Also check out The Preparedness Planner Essential Oil Edition.

These labels are for personal use only.

There are four pages. The first two pages are designed to fit on Avery 8160 address labels. If you don’t have address labels and want to just cut the labels out of paper and tape them to the bottles I designed the last two pages with dotted lines for easy cutting.

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Update: I have recently updated the labels and added the new oils Spark Naturals has added to their product list over the last couple of years.

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