Wondermill Review

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The Wondermill is made by the Wondermill company, which has been in business for over 20 years. They are the makers of the older Whispermill. The Wondermill has a larger motor, UL certification (for the USA), CSA certification (for Canada), as well as CE certification (for Europe). They pride themselves on making one of the simplest mills on the market to operate.

How It Works

The WonderMill is a an impact mill (also now as a micronizing electric mill), which means that inside the mill there are two wheels, but only one turns to grind the wheat. The steel wheels fit so tightly together that running grain through them as one wheel turns crushes the grain into powder.


Texture Control (Feed Rate)


You can control the rate at which grain is fed through the mill. This will determine the fineness or coarseness of your flour. The WonderMill has 3 settings: pastry, bread and course.


Special Instructions

Never turn the WonderMill on with grain in the hopper, and never turn it during grinding.. If you do this it might cause the mill to clog up with flour.

Do not leave grain in your mill.

You don’t need to turn the Nutrimill on before you place grain in the hopper, but you do need to let it run for about 5 seconds after the grain has finished grinding. Do not store your mill with grain inside. You never want to store any appliance with food in it. Also, always thoroughly wash and clean your grain mill.

Small Grain & Bean Adapter (Add-on Attachment)

You can purchase a small grain and bean adapter.


Small Grain Adapter
This allows you to grind smaller “grains” like tapioca, coarse salt, amaranth, quinoa, and teff. Otherwise, you could overwhelm your mill with small particles and clog it.

Bean Adapter
Allows you to grind large beans such as garbanzo beans. It slows the feed down so that the garbanzo beans don’t get stuck because of their irregular shape.

Filter And Separator


The WonderMill requires an air filter. Always make sure it’s completely dry and clean before each use. Also, to clean make sure you remove as much dry flour as possible otherwise the flour might clump in the filter.


Always make sure separator cup is in place before milling or flour might go everywhere.


Make sure your grains are dry and free of debris.

Flour Bagger (Add-on Attachment)



The flour bagger is a canister with holes that you line with a plastic bag so that you can automatically bag your flour for storage.

CAN Mill Mill w/ small grain
or bean adapter
Wheat (hard and soft) Millet Almonds
Steel Cut Oats Couscous Alum Powder
Oat Groats Dill Seed Black Seed
Rice Quinoa Cacao Nibs
Brown Rice Tapioca Pearls Cardamom Seed
Triticale Teff Seeds Cashews
Dried Pinto Beans Basil Chamomile
Dried Green Beans Amaranth Chia Seed
Popcorn (unpopped/course) Chickpeas Cinnamon Sticks
Split Peas Cloves
Lentils Coffee Beans
Buckwheat Coconut, dried
Spelt Date Seeds
Kamut Dried Carrots
Rye Flax Seeds
Sorghum (Milo) Garlic Chips
Dried Mung Beans Green Tea, dried
Soybeans Greenthread Stalks
Dried Field Corn Mesquite Bean Pods
Acini Di Pepe Pasta Moringa Olifera
Adzuki Beans Peanuts
Ajawan Seed Pine Nuts
Anise Seed Pistachios
Black Beans Poppy Seed
Black Eyed Peas Potato Cubes, dried
Bulgur Wheat Pumpkin Seeds
Chicken Feed Sesame Seeds
Collinsonia Root Sunflower Seeds
Durum Wheat Walnuts
Einkorn Wheat Nuts of any kind
Ezekiel Mix
Ginger Root, Dried
Kamut Wheat
Kidney Beans
Baby Lima Beans
Mung Beans
Navy Beans
Pearled Barley
Psyllium Seed
Rosemary Spice
Thyme Spice
Great Northern White Beans
White Hominy Corn
Wild Rice
Yellow Field Corn

What’s In The Box

  • Base Unit–this houses the motor
  • Flour Canister–catches your flour, holds 12 cups
  • Canister Lid–attaches the canister to the base (comes with filter and separator cup)
  • Storage Canister lid–you can store this lid on top of the base unit but it is meant to be used with the flour canister – you mill flour without a lid on the base unit
  • Directions & Quick Start Guide– helps you mill great flour

Final Thoughts

Wondermills are loud, and you don’t get a lot of control over the texture of your flour, but they get the job done. Wondermill actually tested their mill by running one half ton (1,000lbs) of wheat through it in 10 hours to try to burn out the motor. The mill they used is still going strong today and is still used as a demonstration mill. So if you want and need this kind of reliability, without some of the frills of other impact mills then a Wondermill is for you.

On argument is that the flour is heated up during milling. Flour has to get to 130 degrees before it’s a problem, so this really isn’t an issue even with mills that have a powerful motor like the Wondermill.

Wondermill has some of the best reviews on their website and on Amazon. They make mills to last. You might also like their manual mill Wonder Junior Deluxe. I think it’s the best hand mill on the market.