NutriMill Plus Review

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The Nutrimill is made by the L’Chef Company. The actually have several brand names like L’Equip, Bamix, and Nutrimill. They also are the exclusive distributor of Bosch mixers in the U.S. and Canada, although they don’t own that brand.

Nutrimill’s tagline is Homemade matters. I love that!

How it works

Impact Mill

The Nutrimill Plus is an impact mill, which means that inside the mill there are two wheels, but only one turns to grind the wheat. The steel wheels fit so tightly together that running grain through them as one wheel turns crushes the grain into powder.

Feed Rate

You can control the rate at which grain is fed through the mill. In general, a slower feed rate creates finer flour as long as you have the motor speed set to high. The faster the grain is feed through the grinder the courser your flour will be.

Motor Speed

The feed rate and motor speed work inverse to each other. In other words, you’ll need a slow feed rate and a high motor speed to get fine flour. Then to get course flour you’ll need a high feed rate and a slower motor speed.


Special Instructions

Do not leave grain in your mill

You don’t need to turn the Nutrimill on before you place grain in the hopper, but you do need to let it run for about 5 seconds after the grain is finished grinding. Do not store your mill with grain inside. You never want to store any appliance with food in it. Also, always thoroughly wash and clean your grain mill.



Grain Suppressor

The Nutrimill comes with a grain suppressor that you take off for larger grains or beans.




The Nutrimill Plus requires an air filter. Always make sure it’s completely dry and clean before each use. Also, to clean make sure you remove as much dry flour as possible otherwise the flour might clump in the filter.


Make sure your grains are dry and free of debris.

CAN Mill Mill With Caution
(see directions)
Yellow Lentils Dried Lentils Oatmeal
Red Lentils Dried Sweet Corn Sesame Seeds
Lima Beans Dried Pinto Beans Flax Seeds
Soybeans Dried Green Beans Sunflower Seeds
Anasazi Beans Dried Mung Beans</td class=”grey”> Nuts
Mung Beans Legumes Coffee Beans
Black Beans Dried Chickpeas Spices Goji Beans
Kidney Beans Quinoa Rolled Oats
Navy Beans Oat Groats Steel Cut Oats
Green Split Peas Spelt Herbs
Yellow Split Peas Barley Hemp
Gluten-Free Grains Soybeans Sugar
Popcorn Kamut Dried Fruit Or Vegetables
Blue Corn Tapioca
Oat Groats Chocolate
White Rice Sprouted Grains, Beans, or Seeds
(if not thoroughly dry)
Brown Rice
Wild Rice
Red Quinoa
Hard Red Wheat
Hard White Wheat
Soft Wheat
Bulgur Wheat


What’s in the Box

  • Base Unit–this houses the motor
  • Grain Hopper Lid–goes on the hopper and reduces noise
  • Flour Canister–catches your flour
  • Canister Lid–attaches the canister to the base
  • Flour Bagger Attachment & Bags–bags your flour inside the canister
  • Directions & Quick Start Guide–helps you mill great flour

Nutrimill Classic vs Nutrimill Plus

Nutrimill Classic Nutrimill Plus
Capacity 20 Cups 24 Cups
Filtration System 2-Stage System 4-Stage System
Motor Power 1 Speed Motor 1200 watts 2 Speed Motor 1200 watts
Noise Level Loud Not as loud
Storage Size 14.5 inches high 11.4 inches high
Flour Bagger Included No Yes
Milling Head Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime

Final Thoughts

Nutrimills are going to be noisy but they get the job done they are workhorses!

You can mill 24 cups of flour at one time, which is perfect for milling in bulk. With the Nutrimill Plus the new two-speed motor allows a wider range of texture control.

The flour bagger attachment for the classic hold 20 cups of flour, and the bag for the Nutrimill Plus is a bit bigger to fit inside the 24 cup capacity canister.

At the time of this posting, the Nutrimill Plus is actually cheaper than the Nutrimill Classic. So to me, the choice between the two is clear.

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